Journal in Japanese – Kagakusi Kenkyu, Series 2

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Journal in Japanese Kagakusi Kenkyu was founded in 1941.

Distributed by the History of Science Society of Japan
ISSN 0022-7692
Vol.1 No.1(Consecutive No.61,Spring 1962) – Vol.52 No.4(Consecutive No.268,Winter 2013)

This is the most prominent and oldest journal in the field of history of science and technology in Japan. Its first issue was published in 1941. Journal of History of Science, JAPAN contains articles, notes, book reviews and other categories about history of science, technology and medicine. The journal aims to promote and popularize history of science, technology and medicine.

CiNii Full Text Journal Directory – Journal of history of science, Japan. Series II, No.113-268

Vol.51 No.1,Consecutive No.261, Spring 2012
Vol.51 No.2,Consecutive No.262, Summer 2012 icon-html[Article Abstract]
Vol.51 No.3, Consecutive No.263, Autumn 2012 icon-html[Article Abstract]
Vol.51 No.4, Consecutive No.264, Winter 2012
Vol.52 No.1, Consecutive No.265, Spring 2013
Vol.52 No.2, Consecutive No.266, Summer 2013
Vol.52 No.3, Consecutive No.267, Autumn 2013
Vol.52 No.4, Consecutive No.268, Winter 2013

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